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Book Review: UAPs and the Nuclear Puzzle

UAPs and the Nuclear Puzzle

Publisher: Red Wheel / Weiser

Publication date: 11/06/2023 (Initially published in 2015)

Pages: 229 

History shows us that UFOs and nuclear weapons are deeply intertwined. So much so that the “modern era of UFOs” is often defined as coinciding with humanity’s advent of the nuclear bomb. For those interested in the UFO phenomenon, understanding the behavior of UFOs in areas with nuclear activity is critical to understanding the UFO phenomenon as a whole.

The topic of UFOs and their interaction with nuclear facilities has two seminal books, required reading on the path to comprehending the UFO / nuclear relationship. One is this book, Robert Salas’ UAPs and the Nuclear Puzzle, and the other is Robert Hasting’s UFOs and Nukes. An ISBN search for other books covering UFOs and nukes yields only the thinnest gruel. 

Thinking of the two books as a pair, I suggest starting with Salas’ book saving the rather, long and dense Hastings book for second. The Hastings book consists of 550 plus pages including over one hundred witness interviews covering dozens of UFO encounters. The Hastings book is essential documentation, but it’s good to get some background on the topic first. 

Salas comes at the topic with a unique viewpoint. First, he was famously the officer in charge of a nuclear missile silo on the night in 1967 when a UFO hovered over Malstrom Air Force Base and shut down an entire flight of 10 nuclear tipped inter-continental ballistic missiles. Secondly, as he describes in the book, he had what would commonly be termed ‘an abduction experience’ in 1985.

Salas has updated this version with additional commentary on a number of topics.

Here’s what you’ll get out of this book:

  • Salas gives us a backgrounder on the nuclear insanity of the cold war: The large number of nukes developed and available around the world along with an accounting of the more serious nuclear accidents resulting from this era. It makes it easy to see how a non-human intelligence would have great concern for the planet. It also is an excellent primer for those who were not alive during that era.
  • A review of Salas’ 1967 experience where his flight of ICBMs was shut down by a UFO. 
  • He covers some of the major UFO incidents around military facilities that based on available testimony he feels are most compelling.
  • He gives an in-depth look at government secrecy on both the UFO phenomenon and on related science. Salas delves into the specifics of this excessive secrecy, with both facts and a recitation of various portions of the law that have created the secrecy quagmire. 
  • Salas’ view on the ‘UFO Cabal (his words); those secret keepers that have prevented the disclosure of UFOs from happening. He uses his understanding of military operations to describe how the cabal might be structured and operate to ensure secrecy. 
  • He tells of his personal “abduction” experience and draws his conclusions about what NHI might be and be doing with humanity.

In all, the book serves as a well-rounded primer on the UFO / nuclear topic and required reading for those who have interest in the UFO topic. 

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