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63% United States government knows more about UFOs than it is telling the public

32% UFOs sometimes are actually aliens 

64% There is intelligent life on other planets

18% Have seen a UFO

64% of Republicans say they believe the government has more information about aliens.

62% of Democrats say they believe the government has more information on extraterrestrials.

65% of independents believe the government has more information on extraterrestrials.

53% of all those surveyed say they believe it is somewhat or very likely UFOs are related to “intelligent alien life.” 

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Economist/YouGov, March 10 – 12, 2024

Is something out there? Americans aren’t sure, but most say the government isn’t open about UFOs

The Washington Examiner, March 12, 2024

Do you Trust the Pentagon to tell the truth about UFO sightings? (No – 92%), September 26, 2023

Daily Mail poll shows nearly 40% of people think aliens have visited in last 50 years and 70% believe Biden is hiding information about UFOs – Referenced only in this Daily Mail article. 

NewsNation/Decision Desk HQ, September 5, 2023

Americans think the government knows more about aliens than shared – Referenced only in this News Nation article.

Ipsos, July, 2023

Many Americans believe in the supernatural, UFOs – this page is gone from the Ipos web site

Redfield & Wilton Strategies (U.K.), July 2023

Results referenced only in this Newsweek article

University of Louisville, Nov. 2022

Faculty perceptions of unidentified aerial phenomena, September 2022

The United States of UFOs: What’s that in the Sky? 

YouGov, September 2022

More than half of Americans believe aliens probably exist 

Detailed Survey Results

NewSpaceEconony.CA, June 2022

How Many People believe that Aliens walk among us? 

YouGov, June 2022

Most Americans believe the US government would hide evidence of UFOs

YouGov, June 2022

Three in five Americans think there is intelligent life on other planets

Fairleigh Dickenson University, June 2022

On the 75th Anniversary of the Roswell Incident, 1/3rd of Americans think it might have been aliens 

UAP Polling Data from the United Kingdom

U.K. Polling Summary

- 73% Think there is life in the universe other than on earth

- 58% Have reported their sighting to police

- 45% Have thought UFOs and aliens existed for as long as they can remember

- 23% Describe themselves as “true believers” of extra-terrestrial life